Participate 1.1.2 Joining a Digital Learning Community

With the internet being today’s predominant source of information, it’s no surprise that education is moving online. Digital learning communities give people easy access to a wide range of learning opportunities. The five DLCs that I chose are all free to use which make them accessible to almost everyone. Open Culture offers a huge selection of free cultural and educational media for download. Project Gutenberg has over 46,000 free ebooks and audiobooks for anyone to enjoy. Both Coursera and Open Education Database offer thousands of free and complete online courses from top universities from around the world.

While I was very excited to discover all these amazing DLCs, the one that stood out to me the most was Khan Academy. Khan Academy offers thousands of video lectures on a wide range of subjects including math, science, computer programming, and art. This was my favorite DLC because I find it to be the most practical, especially for students. The subjects presented in the videos are detailed and well explained. The website even offers practice problems and learning maps to keep track of progress.


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