Participate 3.1.1 Access to the Digital Community

The result of researching my level of access to digital resources is pretty fair as far as I can tell. I have my own laptop and currently I have a download speed of 1.25 Mbps and an upload speed of 0.55 Mbps. The advertised speed for my carrier is 10 to 25 Mbps, I don’t have 4G or DSL or Breadband, so I won’t get the advertised speed anyway. My county ranks high for the state, so high speed access to the internet is not difficult.

However, there is always the problem of paying for high speed internet access. A student needs an internet accessible computer and some way to access the internet. Once those two items are fulfilled, they still need to pay monthly for access. A school may be able to provide a computer for the student and they can sometimes get free internet access at restraints or public access areas. These are not ideal though since the student would have to turn the computer back in to the school and the student would have to go out to get to a restaurant.

A good way for a student to get their own computer is to purchase a used or recycled one. There are many perfectly good computers that are donated to schools, Goodwill and other organizations that can refurbish them to give away or sell at a very low price.

As for internet access, that is much harder. Without having money to pay for access, as student would have to take advantage of free services and manage their time to coordinate their access to schools or some place with public internet access.


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