Participate 4.1.3 Digital Health

I think the most proactive means of ensuring a balanced blend of technology and well-being are, just to name a few, an ergonomic workstation, a well-balance daily/weekly activity planner, and a healthy life style. Students and teachers will get the most out of their technology if they simultaneously safeguard their good health and balance their computer use.

Online instructors, inevitably, spend most working hours in front of computer screen. An ergonomic workstation is essential to prevent/reduce the possibilities of common computer work-related ailments such as neck/back discomfort and carpal tunnel syndrome. Having a proper desk/table at home for students to study on and do their homework is essential.

Besides students and colleagues, we need to be sure to include family and friends into the daily/weekly planners. We need to keep home life and work life separate as much as possible, and leave work at the office. Unplug and catch up with friends in person when possible. Parents could limit their students’ computer/cell phone use, by subscribing to a limited mobile plan instead of an unlimited plan.

Eat right and exercise to ensure a good physical and mental health. It is important, physically and mentally, to take regular break from long working and studying hours. Leave the workstation/desk every thirty minutes or so, and take a short walk.

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