Navigate 1.2.1 Describe Roles and Functions in Online Learning Environments

The basic role of students is to learn what they don’t know. The basic role of instructors is to teach students what they don’t know.  A progression of steps is needed to accomplish both of these roles. Student Information System (SIS) will keep track of a students’ progress and may show deficiencies that need to be corrected.
The SIS can help students to read through the course catalog, register for classes, view grades, and homework progress. The SIS also helps instructors to manage students’ day to day learning activates such as classroom instruction, homework, test, quizzes, and manage grades. This will help instructors to monitor students’ progress.
The learning Management System (LMS) can help instructors keep track of students’ progress.  The SIS feeds into the LMS which can be used by instructors, administrators, and parents.  The data in LMS can be analyzed to improve techniques and instruction.  It can help administrators monitor students’ progress; help manage students’ learning environment; and communicate with instructors, facilitators, parents and students. 

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