Navigate 4.1.1 Trend Impact

As the technology trend is going the direction of faster speed, smaller size, and bigger capacity, mobile devices are the future of virtual learning. iPads and Tablets are among the most popular choices because they have all the qualities, which users are looking for.
Even though virtual learning has provided students the flexibility of time and location, it is still a concern for students who require more individualized instructions. GatherEd has launched a hybrid solution that according to BostInno, is “a virtual learning classroom for small groups of students who can not only learn in real time from a teacher or tutor, but also engage in peer learning via virtual breakout rooms.”
Since the virtual classroom is equipped with blackboard and whiteboard, teachers and tutors can use a stylus to write on an iPad or to present Powerpoint. By using Kinect, the teachers and tutors’ real-life movement appears via an avatar to simulate a traditional classroom.


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