Communicate 1.1.1 Definitions of Communication

According to Ms. Turkle’s video, “Connected: But Alone?” technologies are not a substitute for that “secret ingredient” in our relationship with others: the human interaction. I still write letters and cards and send them via postal services because I think they are very personal, next to face to face interaction or a phone call, in connecting to others.
My individual communication skills have definitely changed with the innovations in technology. My means of technological communications are mainly cell phone, texting, emails, and occasionally Skype. They seem to be sufficient for now as I enjoy using them, but I look forward to new innovations.
Advancements in technology allow students to take pictures of notes on the board and handouts with their phones. Students can go to teachers’ websites for missing assignments and announcements, and teachers can inform students of updates instantly through tweets, etc. Technology will take communication further at a very rapid pace. As these changes take place, the entire education system will also need to make adjustment to accommodate every aspect of teaching and learning.


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