Communicate 1.1.2 Laws of Communication

We can refrain from violating FERPA guidelines in online communication is to always check student’s data before making any contact: is the student over or under 18 years old, or is there a third party. By doing so, the right person(s) can be contacted. It is important not to reveal or discuss student’s education or personal information in emails or fax. Phone call would be appropriate if there is a need to discuss student’s grade and progress with parents/guardian.
Some of the methods we can employ to verify that copyright is not being violated are to know the proper use of citation; to stay informed of Fair Use rules; to check publisher’s website; to check the terms of use; and when in doubt, ask for permission to use the resources.
Although copyright does not require that all work, images, words, and graphics must be original, to ensure that all resources are used successfully and lawfully, they do need to be properly cited, asked for permission, and follow the Fair Use guidelines.


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