Communicate 2.1.1 Identify Stakeholders

The descriptions outlined for the stakeholders looks very thorough and is quite in line with my perception of whom stakeholders are and their communication tasks. All the stakeholders (instructor, students, parents, facilitators) need to participate in the communication system to keep it viable.
Instructors need to make sure the student knows communication is expected of them. The student needs to know that they can contact the instructor when needed for any questions they may have. A good dialog between the student and instructor is essential to the learning experience. Parents should be encouraged to participate in the communication system so they understand the progress of the student and can voice any concerns. The administrator needs a line of communication to monitor the course to look for improvements.
Society as a whole is another stakeholders in the online education system. Having well-educated population is a benefit to all of us and knowing our taxes are well spent to support the education system is satisfying.

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