Communicate 4.1.1 Evaluation Methods and Communication Practices

  • How do communication practices in the online environment correlate to effective feedback?
  • Why is authentic feedback important for online learners?
  • In what ways might an instructor enrich a student’s online experience through feedback?
The way we communicate and the method we choose to provide feedback can be effective or ineffective.  I think a concise email with an appropriate subject title that would bring the recipients to open the email and to ask for feedback is a good method.  Through the specific, engaging, and informative content, the students understand what is expected of them and can respond to the email.
Authenticity is important in any communication.  The instructor’s sincerity in the feedback can bring out students’ enthusiasm in learning.  Authentic feedback can also make students feel connected to the learning community and promote honest feedback.  To prevent miscommunication and confusion, it is important not to beat around the bush or to ramble when communicating. With authentic feedback, students will be able to make progress in areas that may be challenging.
If students feel the feedback they receive is helpful, encouraging, and not judging, they will be more likely to accept the feedback to improve.  Contrarily, if students feel resentment towards the feedback, they may be discouraged and  have a negative learning experience. The instructor’s constructive feedback provides students with clear guidance and helpful resources to encourage students to interact in the learning process. The instructor should also provide students immediate feedback.  Prompt feedback allows students to learn with little interruptions, thus having a better flow in making progress throughout the course.

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