Create 1.1.3 Appearance

These are some of the Sound Design sites I like:
1. Khan Academy: I like Khan Academy and have used it quite often. The very informative videos are very well done and cover a wild variety of subject area.
2. Math is Fun:  The name of the site says it all; Math is Fun is an engaging math learning site.  Besides tutorials on different math topics, this informative site also has free worksheets and hands-on activities.
3. Science Buddies: Science Buddies is a site for  hands-on science resources, which includes a great numbers of fun, engaging project ideas.  The site is very well done and has an eye-catching appearance.  It is fun to brow through the site.
4. taskstrea:  This site advances effective assessment to improve student learning and institutional quality. It has informative links such as Assessments & Accreditation, ePortfolios, and Educator Preparation.  The site is very well done and is a good example of a professional site.
5. Poisson Rouge: Poisson Rouge is a free language learning site for children.  This site is very well organized with attractive colorful pictures and lessons.
These are some of the Not Sound Design sites:
1. Mathforum: This site is not very appealing to look at, but it has great information and can be searched for topics.
2. The ArithmAttack: This is a math drilling site where users can practice math problems.  The users can also go to the link, Morrison Media LLC, to purchase online tests. The design of the site is not attractive at all.
3. translate .reference:  This site has links such as Dictionary, Thesaurus, Translate, etc.  It is user-friendly; however, the homepage can be better organized.
4. Purplemath: Purplemath is a very informative math resource site, which offers detailed explanations on mathematical concepts. The site design does need some work on appearance.
5. Mathteaching: This site provides math help to students ages 5-15.  The homepage looks kind of plain and not inviting to students.


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