Communicate 4.2.2 Digital Feedback

When students devote their time and efforts to complete and submit an assignment, they expect feedback from the instructor. Especially for online courses, feedback plays a critical role in communication among stakeholders. Using digital feedback, the instructor can offer feedback in forms such as audio recording, images, real-time, videos, links to outside study resources, and recordings from synchronous sessions.

In Ms. Morrison’s blog, ‘“Speak to Students” with Audio Feedback,’ she suggested two great tools for audio feedback: Voice Recorder App on Smart Phone and Evernote. These digital tools allow the instructor to record and email feedback to students. There is a how-to illustration in the blog that shows the steps of using Evernote for digital feedback. An audio feedback can really give students a sense of personal contact, which is even more important in a virtual learning environment.

Here is the link to Debbie Morrison’s blog.

Using video, links to outside study resources, and recordings from synchronous sessions as feedback, is a great way to help students revisit and better understand the concepts. Providing ways for students to better comprehend lessons and improve is by far a more positive approach than saying, “You did not understand/learn the concepts at all.”

Here is a Youtube video on Chinese Kinship Terms

In online classroom, a real-time feedback is used in Live Sessions. This is a great way for students to receive immediate feedback from the instructor and their peers. It is important for students to follow the guidelines and to be respectful in their interaction, so the purposes of the Live Sessions can be achieved.

Images are great for many circumstances from missing/late assignment to kudos.



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