Create 2.1.1 Web Tools

Quiz Taking
Respondus Software: Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing printable assessments. Using Respondus, users can also publish the assessments directly to Blackboard. This software can create an assessment in minutes, add tables, bulleted lists, font changes, enhanced formatting, and insert mathematical and scientific symbols. However, it does cost for a single user subscription. Quiz making softwares would make creating and changing assessments much easier.


Prezi: Prezi is an online presentation tool that allows users to link videos, images, internet links, text, and other types of media. There are three levels of pricing for Prezi depending on how many users and features. Prezi does offer a free public version.  However, with a public account, your Prezis will be publicly viewable, searchable, and reusable. Online presentation tools that will link various types of media are essential for the online classroom to interact with students.
Information Sharing
Smore: Smore is an online tool for creating electronic flyers such as newsletters to attach to the school website or send out to students/parents. There are three levels of pricing for this product depending on how many users and features. It is also offer a free subscription, which comes with only basic features. Smore is a user friendly tool that instructors can utilize to keep students and parents informed in an engaging way.
Here is an example homepage created using Smore.



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