Create 4.1.2 Principles of Building Portable Learning Objects

Listening and speaking are two of the most basic components in learning a foreign language. As for Chinese language, writing is considered the most challenging part of the learning process. The fascinating pictographic characters require learner’s rigorous practice to be proficient. Learn

Learn Chinese Everyday is a website that can help students with write Chinese characters. One of Learn Chinese Every Day’s features is Daily Word, which enable user to follow correct stroke order, an important step in writing Chinese characters. The instruction continues with phrases and sentences that built upon the Daily Word. In addition, the audio feature allows users to learn to speak words, phrases, and sentences through listening.
Another web site, Mandarin Tools, is loaded with Chinese learning tools such as flashcards, character writing, Chinese culture, Chinese encoding converters, Chinese chess, and much more. This is a great resource site for students to explore and learn about Chinese language and culture and to find references for class projects.

Quizlet is a great website for both the instructor and students from creating assessments and flashcards to study and review.

Here is an example Chinese Family Member study/review I have created using Quizlet.

Chinese Family Members

Prezi is an online tool that allows users to create exemplary presentations. Here is an example Chinese Family Member differentiate instruction I have created using Prezi.

My Family



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