Evaluate 1.1.3 The Summative Assessment

The validity of the tests is whether or not the tests measure what they claim to measure.  To ensure the best validity of the tests, the instructor should be especially familiar with the course goals and learning objectives so the test items can align with the most important course content. Googleimagesvalidity.logo

Reliability is the effort of minimizing random errors in the tests. One of the ways to ensure the reliability of the tests is to make tests consistent; when given to similar groups, consistent tests should produce similar results over time. Another way is to make sure that tests contain reasonable amount of test items and have consistent formats, so the tests would be able to evaluate learners’ knowledge on content and lessen any possible confusion.


Most tests are often reused; therefore, it is highly critical to keep tests in a controlled environment. Online schools should have Question Libraries that randomize test items. To safeguard test items, it is always a good practice to minimize the test handlers to just a few authorized personnel. 


I have created a Chinese Mythology Unit Test. To make certain that the test is valid and reliable, all test items are based off the unit objectives and learning goals, and are proofread to eliminate errors. In addition, the test also consists of reasonable amount of test items and formats, which will assess students’ knowledge on content. The test items will be scrambled to keep the test secured.


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