Evaluate 2.1.1 Data Driven Instruction, Analytics, Reporting Tools

Enrollments and Attendance                                                                                    
In the first artifact, the teacher is able to see all the classes this student is currently enrolled in , including the students Class ID, which Term, Course Name, Section Number, Starting and ending dates, and number of students enrolled in that same class.

In the second artifact, the teacher is able to see Payment Type, Student Type, whether or not this student has completed the orientation module, if the student has been dropped, and Assessment Type (will the student take EOCT or not). The artifact has omitted certain data to comply with privacy and FERPA regulations.

Student Progress
The third artifact is an example of a communication log. A communication log consists of Type (the ways stakeholders may be contacted), Person (person contacted), Nature (purpose of the contact), Submitted (date and time of the contact), and Comment (any comments the student or instructor may make). Depending on the systems used by an organization, some are programmed to make computer generated phone calls and/or emails and automatically log the communication. However some require the teacher tracks communication log manually. The information in this log shows the teacher’s effort to alert and his/her concern about this student’s unsatisfactory performance.

The fourth artifact showed the teacher’s effort to send a good report on this student’s outstanding performance.

The fifth artifact is a report on dates and page views by individual student. This data allows a teacher to analyze the student’s study patterns and to monitor student’s progress.

The sixth artifact is a sample gradebook. The student can see grades by category and individual comments. Constructive feedback provides students tools to improve and encouragement to do their best.

The seventh artifact is a sample quiz feedback. The Submission View allows this student to see what was missed on the quiz, thus to enhance better understand of the material.

The eighth artifact is a sample dropbox. It shows this student has submitted two files, Cover Letter and Resume, and received two grades. The student can click on the View icon to read teacher’s comments (Artifact #9) shows the student specific areas to improve.

Data provides the teacher with valuable information to adjust instructions that can better assist students in their learning process. Logins do not always equate to working productively; the teacher can analyze the information on Page Views to see when and how often students are studying and what there are studying. Communication Log is essential in connecting with stakeholders: to keep students and parents/guardians informed of both “job well done” and academic concerns. It is important for the teacher to use all possible information to make an accurate analysis, so that the data can serve a constructive purpose, which is to improve teaching and learning.



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